Firewood Sales

  • JKM sells seasoned hardwood for a clean and hot burn, especially if you are using wood as your primary heating source over the winter.
  • Delivery available upon request.
  • We sell in various quantities:
    • Cords: 1/2 cords, 1/3 cords, 1/4 cords – delivery available for additional fee

A cord of wood is a precise amount of wood. In the wood industry, wood is typically sold by the cord which is 128 cubic feet of wood. This measurement comes from the stacking of the wood, ideally as tightly as possible. A full cord measures 4x4x8 feet. JKM Lawn Care provides cords, half cords, and 1/3 cord for customers and is available by delivery. For more information on our cords, half cords, and 1/3 cord, contact JKM Lawn Care today!



2024 Hardwood Pricing (Indoor Use)
Full Cord $265 128 cubic (BEST VALUE)
1/2 Cord $165 64 cubic
1/3 Cord $125 43 cubic
1/4 Cord $100 32 cubic
Pickup Truck Load $125 Special Request/By Appt. Only
2024 Stacking Rates
Full Cord $150
1/2 Cord $80
1/3 Cord $65
1/4 Cord $45
2024 Delivery Rates
0-5 miles $25
6-10 miles $35
11-15 miles $45
16-20 miles $60
21-25 miles $80


Firewood Disclaimer: Important Information for Proper Use

When purchasing our firewood, please be aware of the following considerations regarding the seasoned quality of the product:

Storage Conditions: The seasoned quality of firewood is influenced by various factors beyond our control, such as how, when, and where the wood is stacked. Improper storage can lead to increased moisture content.

Customer Responsibility: It is crucial that you, as the customer, stack your firewood in a dry location exposed to sun and wind, off the ground, and protected from rain. Proper stacking allows for adequate air circulation around the wood.

Optimal Purchase Time: Ideally, purchase firewood by the end of August, stack it properly, leave it uncovered, and allow it to dry until October. During winter, cover only the top portion of the firewood stack.

Bark and Kindling: Seasoned firewood may have loose bark mixed in with the wood, as bark tends to fall off during the drying process. Our firewood is loaded with a machine, and the bark and kindling won’t be separated from the wood. Use this kindling to your advantage when starting fires.

Prior Storage Conditions: Before purchase, be informed that your firewood was stored outside. To continue the seasoning process, we store our wood outside and uncovered on clean, dry blacktop. If delivered during inclement weather, allow the wood to sit unexposed for several days before burning.

*Given the characteristics of firewood and the associated variables, all firewood sales are considered final. We only accept cash for these transactions.


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